Fusion Marketing partnered with iDEKO Productions on Global Be(er) Responsible Day to promote Anheuser-Busch’s campaign, “Make A Plan to Make It Home.” This powerful initiative supports responsible drinking and encourages adults to plan ahead for a safe ride home, every time they go out. To share this message, Anheuser-Busch employees took to Times Square and distributed nearly 10,000 cards with an offer for free half-hour Uber rides. The day was a great success, as a live DJ spun for the crowd and passers-by stopped to take pictures at a branded photo booth, which were projected on to a giant LED billboard. iDEKO was proud to support Anheuser-Busch’s socially responsible campaign and provided audio, staging, backdrops and onsite management to commemorate this special day.


iDEKO manages all on-site security needs to make sure your event is staffed appropriately


iDEKO manages printing and signage needs for all types of events


iDEKO specializes in the creation of custom stages of all shapes, sizes and heights and for all surface

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