In May 2018, iDEKO partnered with This is Mission and Tiffany and Co. to launch the new Paper Flowers collection at the flagship 5th Avenue store. There were numerous events across a two week period at the Tiffany store, culminating with a launch party on May 3, 2018 which incorporated a giant clock hanging on the exterior of the building and a private VIP concert on
the roof on May 31.

Our Role

For the Tiffany’s Paper Flower Launch iDEKO provided consulting, labor, & security, provided last minute fabrication of a custom car, and sourced all permits and liaised withDOB, NYPD, and Secret Service to enable client to activate within the Secret Service freeze zone at Trump Tower.


iDEKO manages all on-site security needs to make sure your event is staffed appropriately


iDEKO handles permitting across a multitude of municipal agencies throughout the U.S.


iDEKO takes event concepts to execution by strategically planning, organizing and executing on all event components

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