In December 2018, iDEKO partnered with Deep Local to produce “The Power Project”, a short term awareness art piece located outside of the Denver Airport. As part of Google and Nest’s commitment to energy efficiency, this innovative installation used solar energy to convey that more than 35 million American households struggle with a high energy burden.

Our Role

For this project iDEKO designed the custom artful coil piece utilized to project the message for the installation. iDEKO was responsible for the R&D required to use the sun to project an image, for building all solar paneled custom elements, and for providing all logistical staffing to oversee entire project inclusive of build, activation phase, breakdown, technology.iDEKO also provided location scouting for Denver.


We set up activations and activities for families of all ages


iDEKO takes event concepts to execution by strategically planning, organizing and executing on all event components

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