Let iDEKO build your dream event.

Custom fabrication takes careful planning, expert execution, and a knowledgeable team. Luckily iDEKO has it all! Our team prides itself on our rendering to reality capabilities — tell us your dreams and we will build them into existence!  Our 15,000 square foot fabrication shop has brought creative visions to life for clients such as Calvin Klein, Burberry, Nike and many more. From building a giant water tank in the middle of Times Square to a 60,000 pound billboard structure in Flatiron Plaza, iDEKO gets it done with careful precision and accuracy.

We Can Fabricate:

  • Stages
  • Custom Installations
  • Custom Sets
  • Rooftop Installments
  • Retail Spaces
  • Interactive Experiences
  • Plexiglass Installations
  • Vehicle Fabrication
  • Art and Food Stations
  • Custom Backdrops

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Why iDEKO?

Our 15,000 square foot fabrication shop in Englewood, New Jersey expertly brings our client’s visions to reality. We also have strategic partnerships with shops throughout the country for events activating outside of the tri-state area.

Some of the events we have produced

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