Ami GoodhartVice President of Account Services

Ami joins iDEKO Productions with more than two decades of experience driving sales and business development in advertising, marketing & digital media, in a career in which he has managed over $1B in total revenue and overseen numerous teams.  Most recently, Ami has worked with AOL as Head of Business Development, negotiating content acquisition and video distribution partnerships with over 150 major corporations.  He also led AOL’s National Entertainment Property Sales Team, managing the team responsible for AOL Music, Moviefone, TV, TMZ, Asylum, Games & Technology properties.  Ami has also served as director of Online Sales & Marketing for the Eastern Region of the Walt Disney Company, and he has managed a national sales team responsible for the MySpace brand under parent company Fox.  As National Sales Director for YAHOO! Music, Ami held full responsibility for sales, account relations, strategy development, sponsorships and promotions.  Ami began his career with traditional New York ad agencies before becoming Group Director for Yahoo’s Strategic Agency Development back in the late 90’s, launching Yahoo’s initial outreach to the advertising agency community.

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