Angelica RadacinskiSenior Account Manager

    Brooklyn native, Angelica Radacinski, is a creative explorer of Art, Culture, People, and Innovation. Key to any project she embarks on, connection, good vibes, and intentions are of the utmost importance. 

    This seasoned Integrated-Marketing/Production professional shifted her career from Red Bull USA to becoming one of the managers for Jay-Z’s legendary Audio Engineer, Young Guru. With a creative background, and equally well versed in the Experiential Production world, she further explored her career within the Music & Entertainment Industry and partnered on ideations with Anthony Demby (creative powerhouse & Founder of Humbleriot). Angelica focused on cultural curation, developing music partnerships, experiences, diverse campaigns, aiding to create visual identities, and producing events alongside/for top-tier talent & global brands alike.  She has worked with the likes of Absolut, Heineken, Mass Appeal, Dell, AIAIAI, Sonos, the Recording Academy, Public Art Fund, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum, MTV, VH1, Airbnb, Reebok, VANS, the NBA, etc.  Beyond producing high profile events, developing creative content, working within talent relations, having managed tours & meticulous project details, Angelica has found the importance in building & nurturing relationships.  Possessing a creative eye and an innate ability to connect and build with brands and consumers alike, Angelica relishes in sculpting a habitat for people to connect, co-create & find a means to manifest ideas. At the crossroads of Music, Lifestyle, Art, Creative Collaboration and Technology, her passion will continue to grow in organically marketing brand culture & premium experiences. 

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