Women’s Expertise Series: An Interview with Cristin Burtis

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iDEKO ProductionsCristin Burtis, a managing partner of our sister company, iDEKO Gov, has a rich history in government, serving under three NYC Mayors, including current Mayor Bill De Blasio.  During her tenure, Cristin also served as the Mayor’s liaison for Super Bowl XLVIII, Major League Baseball AllStar Games; Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade; New Year’s Eve in Times Square; 9/11 Memorial Ceremony’s; various Central Park concerts, and Military Event. Below she shares her insights into the events industry and offers advice for women in the field. We’re so lucky to work alongside someone as inspiring as her!

1) Over the course of your career, how many people would you guess have been to events that you’ve overseen?

Since I have been involved in some pretty big events—The Super Bowl, New Year’s Eve in Times Square, Thanksgiving Day Parade,  the NYC Marathon and the Republican Convention—I guess it is in the millions.

2) How has the event industry changed since you started working?

Technology, in my opinion, has changed the event industry, especially with the inclusion of social media.

3) What is the best event that you’ve been a part of and why?

Super Bowl 48 when it was in NY/NJ.  I was the lead for the City of NY in all of the coordination efforts.  It was a tremendous undertaking, as we needed to coordinate Super Bowl Boulevard, the closure of Broadway from 47th to 34th Streets, all of the transportation for the week and the regulatory and municipal needs with all of the City, State, and Federal Agencies.

4) Since it is Women’s history month, can you share what woman inspires you and why?

Valerie Jacob.  She is an extremely successful lawyer who rose through the ranks and was the Managing Partner of Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson.  Her success in a male-dominated industry while raising a family (3 children) has truly been inspirational to me.

5) What are some tips you would give women that are starting out their careers in the event industry?

Support each other, network, follow up and be confident.


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